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St. Peter’s German Church

Indre by, Indre by

It is peaceful and quiet behind the high walls around the cemetery... Read more


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The Brumleby idea was that the residents should have light and air... Read more

The Garrison Cemetery

The author Peter Olesen dubbed The The Garrison Cemetery “a charming... Read more

The Amager Nature Centre


West Amager, or Kalvebod Common, is the sort of natural area rarely... Read more

The King’s Grove


The King’s Grove is the classic place for a picnic in Amager.... Read more

Ryvangen Nature Park

Østerbro, Østerbro, Østerbro, Østerbro

Ryvangens Natural Park is the ideal place for a family picnic, a... Read more

Svanemølle Beach

Some places are destined to be classics. When Svanemølle Beach opened in... Read more

Dousbad Swamp


Dousbad Swamp looks like a troll forest straight out of The Hobbit.... Read more

The Royal Library Garden

Enter through the gate at the National Archives, opposite the main entrance... Read more