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Dyssen at Christiania


Everybody knows Christiania, but very few have visited Dyssen, the long, narrow... Read more

Østre Anlæg Park


Østre Anlæg Park from 1879 immediately became a popular destination for the... Read more

Charlottenlund Forest and Palace Gardens


Charlottenlund Forest consists of both rather wild deciduous forest and well-tended parkland.... Read more

Amager Beach Park

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Amager Beach Park has become one of the city’s hubs of activity... Read more

Mill Stream Valley


Mill Stream Valley is not only one of the most beautiful natural... Read more

Ørsted’s Park

Indre by, Indre by

No sooner do the first spring rays of sunshine warm the air... Read more

City Hall Garden

Deep in the heart of City Hall is the City Hall Garden.... Read more

City Garden 2200


Located on the corner of Stefansgade and Hørsholmsgade in Nørrebro, City Garden... Read more

Harbour Park

Sundby, Sundby

A few short decades ago, Islands Brygge was a rundown industrial area.... Read more