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Assistens Cemetery


As locals know, behind this long, yellow wall lies great beauty. Assistens... Read more

Remise Park

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If there were an award for the best place for children in... Read more

The Amager Nature Centre


West Amager, or Kalvebod Common, is the sort of natural area rarely... Read more

Ryvangen Nature Park

Østerbro, Østerbro

Ryvangens Natural Park is the ideal place for a family picnic, a... Read more

The Western Ramparts

Brøndby, Brønshøj-Husum, Hvidovre, Rødovre

One of the world’s longest and best-preserved fortifications, the Western Ramparts comprise... Read more

Gentofte Lake/Brobæk Bog


Gentofte Lake surprises. Although the crow is just eight miles from the... Read more

The Academic Senate Yard

Indre by

Students and prominent intellectuals have frequented the Academic Senate Yard ever since... Read more


A 600 m2 organic rooftop garden, five floors above an old car... Read more

Kastrup Fort

Sundby, Sundby

Once guns were positioned here. Now, there are benches and picnic tables.... Read more