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Below is a few places that we think you will love

Dyssen at Christiania


Everybody knows Christiania, but very few have visited Dyssen, the long, narrow... Read more

Gentofte Lake/Brobæk Bog

Gentofte, Gentofte

Gentofte Lake surprises. Although the crow is just eight miles from the... Read more

Bernstorff’s Park

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With its wide, open spaces, dense woodland and many garden areas, Bernstorff’s... Read more

Valby Park


Valby Park is popular with windsurfers, who have their own small boathouse... Read more

Ryvangen Memorial Park

Ryvangen Memorial Park was built on a site where German occupying forces... Read more

Green Walkway


Much maligned Kalvebod Brygge is home to the Green Walkway. High up... Read more

Holmen Cemetery

Østerbro, Østerbro

Holmen Cemetery have carefully laid-out paths, a long, straight avenue of lime... Read more

The Western Ramparts

Brøndby, Brønshøj-Husum, Hvidovre, Rødovre

One of the world’s longest and best-preserved fortifications, the Western Ramparts comprise... Read more

Raadvad Village


The preserved village of Raadvad and its millpond, Raadvad Dam, together form... Read more