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BaNanna Park


BaNanna Park is a success story about a toxic old wasteground that... Read more

Dragør South Beach


Dragør South Beach is a beautiful rarity in the Copenhagen area. It... Read more

The Southern Field


The Southern Field, with its hills and ravines, is one of the... Read more

Kalvebod Wave

Vesterbro, Vesterbro

Modern Copenhagen’s much-maligned stretch of waterfront, Kalvebod Brygge, has now been transformed... Read more

Classen’s Garden


If we could turn the clock back a couple of hundred years,... Read more

Charlottenlund Forest and Palace Gardens


Charlottenlund Forest consists of both rather wild deciduous forest and well-tended parkland.... Read more

School Gardens


They sow, they water, they weed, they play, they harvest. Youngsters in... Read more

J.C. Jacobsen’s Garden

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J.C. Jacobsen’s private garden, located in his former residence, was built in... Read more

Refshale Island


Once, this was a workplace for 10,000 people. Today you can choose... Read more