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Jægersborg Forest


Jægersborg Forest is located north of the Deer Park and the Mill... Read more

Kalvebod Wave

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Modern Copenhagen’s much-maligned stretch of waterfront, Kalvebod Brygge, has now been transformed... Read more

The New Bog


The New Bog is a bit of a secret to nearly everyone... Read more

Rødkilde Park


Most people know Rødkilde Park as the large green park situated between... Read more

Dousbad Swamp


Dousbad Swamp looks like a troll forest straight out of The Hobbit.... Read more

Ørsted’s Park

Indre by

No sooner do the first spring rays of sunshine warm the air... Read more

The Western Ramparts

Brøndby, Brønshøj-Husum, Hvidovre, Rødovre

One of the world’s longest and best-preserved fortifications, the Western Ramparts comprise... Read more

The West Forest

Albertslund, Ballerup, Glostrup, Høje Taastrup

The West Forest is the best playground in the west of the... Read more

The Yellow Town

Vesterbro, Vesterbro

Named after the colour of the houses, the Yellow Town – known... Read more