It a privilege to live in Copenhagen – or to visit and explore the city. It’s full of blue and green oases of all shapes and sizes. This website is about the well-known, lesser-known and almost secret places where nature and the city interact, and about what they have to offer in terms of activities.

We’ve selected 100 of the most exciting places in the city that offer the widest possible range of different things to see and do. They represent the diversity of green life in and around Copenhagen.

We hope that Copenhagen Green will serve as an inspiration and an eye-opener both for the hardcore downtown Copenhagener and for the many visitors from both Denmark and abroad.

We want to strike a blow for ‘the good city life’ and for the city’s green and sustainable places – which aren’t just there for decoration, but to be used. Hopefully, this site will have something for those interested in history, nature, the environment, sustainability and city life, and for all those who want to make the most of the many activities on offer in this green city.

Explore it and find your own favourites

Copenhagen Green was created by Life Exhibitions for Foreningen By & Natur and funded by Nordea-fonden.