Balder’s Square

Balder’s Square is one of the oldest squares in Nørrebro, dating from when the area was developed in the late 19th century. Standing out from the rest of the neighbourhood, it has an exclusive, Parisian atmosphere with beautiful, stately apartment buildings surrounding a large, open space.

One of the most atmospheric squares in Copenhagen’s inner city, it is used by local residents who enjoy their packed lunch and a beer or coffee from the local café at the many tables and benches toward Baldersgade. The inviting ambience tempts you to take a seat, as the absence of shops makes this area both peaceful and relatively unknown.

Between the tall, old lime trees and trimmed, low beech hedge, there is plenty of space for children to play ball games. During summer, a flea market is held here every Saturday.

The square is inextricably linked to the adjacent Baldersgade. The original cobblestone paving and pollarded lime trees are still found along the pavement’s edge.

In continuation of the square along Baldersgade, behind a low, red-painted picket fence you’ll find a public playground with a football pitch, benches, a roller-skating rink and a climbing frame. Residents of the area have formed the Balder’s Square Guild (Balders PladsLaug), which organises events.

Photo: Søren Rud

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  • Relax
  • Enjoy the sun and surroundings
  • picnicking, coffee and games
  • Flea market on Saturdays during summer
  • The area was developed between 1874 and 1901 and many of the streets are named after the old Norse gods – including Balder, the most beautiful of all the Æsir gods and the son of Odin and Frigga, king and queen of Asgard.
  • The 2000 Danish film Near Here (Her i nærheden), starring Frits Helmuth, Githa Nørby, Henning Moritzen and Thure Lindhardt, was filmed in the area around Balder’s Square.
  • Tall lime trees, beech hedges, butterfly flowers and various lilies.
  • The square is suitable for wheelchair users.
  • Coffee shop just off the square
  • General stores and shops in the neighbourhood
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