Jægersborg Forest

Jægersborg Forest is located north of the Deer Park and the Mill Stream. The northern part, by Skodsborg Station, offers a wealth of exciting things to see and do outdoors. It was originally a part of Deer Park, but is today a separate wooded area with marked trails and an exercise route. And, not least, it is home to Bøllemose Bog.

Bøllemose is one of the natural jewels of Jægersborg Forest, just 500 metres from Skodsborg Station.

This large bog gives the entire area a marshy quality – when you jump, the whole forest floor shakes. With its brown, nutrient-poor water, this is a rare gem. On a hot summer’s day, you will even see snakes basking in the sun or swimming in the water. By the marsh are several spots for lighting fires, a wild campsite and a large number of self-sown birch trees.

The area is surrounded by tall beech trees and dense undergrowth. Both the forest and the bog are inviting destinations for a romantic stroll or picnic in the countryside.

If you’re lucky, you may encounter badgers, foxes and an occasional raven, and many old dead trees that are home to insects, fungi, and birds that nest in hollow trees, such as woodpeckers, nuthatches and creepers.

The north-eastern part, between Kystebanen and Strandvejen, features a forest where dogs are allowed to run free.  Ever since the Coast Line opened in 1897, the people of Copenhagen have taken the train to Skodsborg and enjoyed picnics in Jægersborg Forest.

Photo: Scanpix/Henrik Pyndt Sørensen

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Jægersborg Hegn
(Jægersborg Forest)
2942 Skodsborg

  • Walking, jogging and cycling
  • Nature, picnics, barbecues/bonfires
  • People have lived in Jægersborg Forest since ancient times.
  • In the 1850s, King Frederik VII liked to stay and hunt in Skodsborg, as he could spend time with Countess Danner here without people turning up their noses at her, as they did in Copenhagen.
  • In 1880, Bøllemose was the haunt of a group of young thugs. They may have been lured here by the intoxicating effect of the bog bilberries that grow in this peaceful, romantic woodland.
  • Beech, birch, oak, larch, bog bilberry, cranberry
  • Ravens, badgers, foxes, goshawks, deer, squirrels
  • Restaurants, cafés and shops in Skodsborg.
1 km

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