DISCOVER GREEN PLACES IN COPENHAGEN Copenhagen Green is your guide to 100 green places in the city. From small, intimate spots to the amazing harbour baths and the wild, natural scenery on the outer edges. Use this online guide to discover the best things to see and do in and around Copenhagen – and enjoy our route planner that will get you to your destination in no time. Find your favorite places or Read more about Copenhagen Green DISCOVER GREEN PLACES IN COPENHAGEN Copenhagen Green is your guide to 100 green places in the city. From small, intimate spots to the amazing harbour baths and the wild, natural scenery on the outer edges. Use this online guide to discover the best things to see and do in and around Copenhagen – and enjoy our route planner that will get you to your destination in no time. Find your favorite places or Read more about Copenhagen Green
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Urban Bees, Copenhagen City Hall

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Thanks to the City Bee Association, there are now lots of bees... Read more

The Lakes

Frederiksberg, Nørrebro, Østerbro

In popularly called the only 'lakes', but their official name is Copenhagen's... Read more

Sorgenfri Palace Garden


Located along the Mill Stream, just north of Lyngby’s bustling town centre,... Read more

Israel Square

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Like a phoenix, Israel Square has risen from the concrete desert as... Read more

The Amager Coastal Path


The coastal path around the dyke on Kalvebod Common offers a bird... Read more

Albertslund Bikeway

Albertslund, Frederiksberg, Glostrup, Rødovre, Vanløse, Vesterbro

The Albertslund Bikeway is the first bicycle superhighway for commuters in Copenhagen.... Read more

Utterslev Bog

Bispebjerg, Brønshøj-Husum

Utterslev Bog is the city’s biggest wild park and a favourite spot... Read more

Bellevue Beach Park


Bellevue is not just any beach. The entire beautiful beach park and... Read more

St. Peter’s German Church

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It is peaceful and quiet behind the high walls around the cemetery... Read more

The Green Path

Bispebjerg, Frederiksberg, Nørrebro

The Green Path/Nørrebro Route is almost 10 kilometres long and runs from... Read more

Gentofte Lake/Brobæk Bog


Gentofte Lake surprises. Although the crow is just eight miles from the... Read more

Ryvangen Nature Park


Ryvangens Natural Park is the ideal place for a family picnic, a... Read more

The Yellow Town


Named after the colour of the houses, the Yellow Town – known... Read more

Harbour Park


A few short decades ago, Islands Brygge was a rundown industrial area.... Read more

Køge Bay Beach and Park


Køge Bay boasts a wealth of natural sights and activities that you... Read more

Amager Nature Park

Dragør, Sundby, Tårnby

A number of the capital's greatest natural attractions are linked to the... Read more

The Garrison Cemetery


The author Peter Olesen dubbed The The Garrison Cemetery “a charming... Read more

Classen’s Garden


If we could turn the clock back a couple of hundred years,... Read more



The Brumleby idea was that the residents should have light and air... Read more

Copenhagen Common


With 11 million visitors per year, Copenhagen Common is hardly a secret.... Read more

Bispebjerg Cemetery


On Bispebjerg Cemetery guests come from near and far to take photos... Read more

Western Cemetery


The Western Cemetery is the largest in Denmark, and impressive in every... Read more

Karen’s Minde


Karen’s Minde in Kongens Enghave has its roots in Danish farming culture,... Read more

Holmen Cemetery


Holmen Cemetery have carefully laid-out paths, a long, straight avenue of lime... Read more

Enghave Park


Once there were fields and meadows here, with cows grazing. It's hard... Read more

Refshale Island


Once, this was a workplace for 10,000 people. Today you can choose... Read more

Sønder Boulevard


Come to Sønder Boulevard on a summer morning, when the sun is... Read more

Degnemose Bog


Degnemose Bog is an urban park sandwiched between an old residential neighbourhood... Read more

Rødkilde Park


Most people know Rødkilde Park as the large green park situated between... Read more

Kildevæld Park


Kildevæld Park is a green oasis in the middle of a dense,... Read more

Damhus Lake / Damhus Meadow


Damhus Lake and Damhus Meadow offer a view of the sort of... Read more

Agricultural School’s Garden


Stepping into the Agricultural School’s Garden on a spring or summer day... Read more

The Jewish Cemetery


Hidden behind a high, red-brick wall on the corner of Møllegade and... Read more

The Shooting Range Garden


Ttucked away between the streets, like lush secrets, lie parks and gardens... Read more



A 600 m2 organic rooftop garden, five floors above an old car... Read more

The New Bog


The New Bog is a bit of a secret to nearly everyone... Read more

City Garden 2200


Located on the corner of Stefansgade and Hørsholmsgade in Nørrebro, City Garden... Read more

Urban Oasis


Hens cackling, goats bleating, a parakeet singing in the aviary and trees... Read more

Assistens Cemetery


As locals know, behind this long, yellow wall lies great beauty. Assistens... Read more

The King’s Garden

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The King’s Garden is the oldest park in the city and has... Read more

BaNanna Park


BaNanna Park is a success story about a toxic old wasteground that... Read more

Balder’s Square


Balder’s Square is one of the oldest squares in Nørrebro, dating from... Read more

Østre Anlæg Park


Østre Anlæg Park from 1879 immediately became a popular destination for the... Read more

Ørsted’s Park

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No sooner do the first spring rays of sunshine warm the air... Read more

The Botanical Garden

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Away from the hustle and bustle of other large parks in central... Read more

The Academic Senate Yard

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Students and prominent intellectuals have frequented the Academic Senate Yard ever since... Read more

Dyssen at Christiania


Everybody knows Christiania, but very few have visited Dyssen, the long, narrow... Read more

The Old Bog


Just 12 kilometres north of City Hall Square in Copenhagen, the Old... Read more

Saxo Park


Today, in the heart of the concrete jungle, Vesterbro, Saxo Park is... Read more

Dragør South Beach


Dragør South Beach is a beautiful rarity in the Copenhagen area. It... Read more

Lersø Park


Lersø Park is a large, green area opposite the old main entrance... Read more

Kastrup Fort


Once guns were positioned here. Now, there are benches and picnic tables.... Read more

Charlottenlund Fort


Charlottenlund Fort isn’t just an old military fort. It is also an... Read more

Raadvad Village


The preserved village of Raadvad and its millpond, Raadvad Dam, together form... Read more

Royal Danish Horticultural Society Garden


Frederiksberg Gardens’ discreet neighbour has its own distinct mood – and a... Read more

Dousbad Swamp


Dousbad Swamp looks like a troll forest straight out of The Hobbit.... Read more

Bagsværd Lake

Gladsaxe, Lyngby-Taarbæk

Surrounded by forests, hills, parks, meadows, alder swamp and cultural gems, Bagsværd... Read more

The Blue Route


The new kayak route through the Port of Copenhagen is a journey... Read more

Jægersborg Forest


Jægersborg Forest is located north of the Deer Park and the Mill... Read more

The West Forest

Albertslund, Ballerup, Glostrup, Høje Taastrup

The West Forest is the best playground in the west of the... Read more

The Priest’s Plain


Tucked away from public roads and paths, the Priest’s Plain (Præstesletten) isn’t... Read more

Trekroner Sea Fortress

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Trekroner Sea Fortress is a small, artificial island with two distinctive red... Read more

City Hall Garden

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Deep in the heart of City Hall is the City Hall Garden.... Read more

The Citadel


The area in and around the Citadel is a place of adventure,... Read more

Pinseskoven Forest


Denmark’s largest birch forest is a little piece of Sweden on Danish... Read more



Nokken is unique. Weird, whimsical houses and sheds nestle in gardens that... Read more

Valby Park


Valby Park is popular with windsurfers, who have their own small boathouse... Read more

Amager Common


Amager Common is the magnificent West Amager’s busy little brother. Read more

The Royal Library Garden

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Enter through the gate at the National Archives, opposite the main entrance... Read more

The Harbour Bath


In 2001 the water was declared clean enough for swimming, and the... Read more

The King’s Grove


The King’s Grove is the classic place for a picnic in Amager.... Read more

Krogebjerg Park

Hvidovre, Rødovre, Valby, Vanløse

Krogebjerg Park serves as a green shortcut from the Western Ramparts in... Read more

Farum Lakeside Path


Farum Lakeside Path is one spot where this elegant bird of prey... Read more

Hareskoven Forest

Ballerup, Furesø, Gladsaxe

Hareskoven is an exceptionally beautiful place to enjoy the Danish national tree,... Read more

Mill Stream Valley


Mill Stream Valley is not only one of the most beautiful natural... Read more

Amager Beach Park


Amager Beach Park has become one of the city’s hubs of activity... Read more



In the lively Sluseholmen canal district, built by the water in the... Read more

South Harbour Tip


The South Harbour Tip, usually just called ‘The Tip’, is little known... Read more

Remise Park


If there were an award for the best place for children in... Read more

Green Walkway


Much maligned Kalvebod Brygge is home to the Green Walkway. High up... Read more

Bernstorff’s Park


With its wide, open spaces, dense woodland and many garden areas, Bernstorff’s... Read more

Copenhagen Common Skatepark


Skateboarders have had their own corner of Copenhagen Common since 1988. It... Read more



Playground, park, bazaar, bike path, picnic area, sports field, rendezvous point, world... Read more

The Ørestad Canals


Kayaking, cooling off in summer, ice-skating in winter – the canals are... Read more

The Western Ramparts

Brøndby, Brønshøj-Husum, Hvidovre, Rødovre

One of the world’s longest and best-preserved fortifications, the Western Ramparts comprise... Read more

Kalvebod Wave


Modern Copenhagen’s much-maligned stretch of waterfront, Kalvebod Brygge, has now been transformed... Read more

The Amager Nature Centre


West Amager, or Kalvebod Common, is the sort of natural area rarely... Read more

J.C. Jacobsen’s Garden


J.C. Jacobsen’s private garden, located in his former residence, was built in... Read more

Svanemølle Beach


Some places are destined to be classics. When Svanemølle Beach opened in... Read more

School Gardens


They sow, they water, they weed, they play, they harvest. Youngsters in... Read more

Charlottenlund Forest and Palace Gardens


Charlottenlund Forest consists of both rather wild deciduous forest and well-tended parkland.... Read more

Arsenal Island


For many years, Arsenal Island was a well-kept secret, known only to... Read more

Christianshavn’s Ramparts


Christianshavns Ramparts form a playground for children and a place to enjoy... Read more

The Clover Field


The Clover Field is a green haven with such high and wide-open... Read more

Frederiksberg Gardens


‘Romantic’ is the word visitors most frequently use to describe Frederiksberg Gardens,... Read more

The Southern Field


The Southern Field, with its hills and ravines, is one of the... Read more

Ryvangen Memorial Park


Ryvangen Memorial Park was built on a site where German occupying forces... Read more


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Along the promenade of Havnegade are cages for ball games, multi-courts for... Read more