Arsenal Island

For many years, Arsenal Island was a well-kept secret, known only to a few people on Christianshavn and residents of the new buildings at Holmen. But now, thanks to the creation of a multipurpose hall and the blue kayak route, more people are becoming acquainted with this artificial island, where the fleet’s weapons and ammunition were once kept.

Arriving at Holmen from Christianshavn, the first things you spot are the large, green sports fields, running tracks and rugby pitch. The pitches can be booked in advance, but are otherwise freely accessible as well as playing ball games, locals love to fly kites here.

Between the pitches and the Laboratory Ditch (as the canal here is known), stands a new, big red multipurpose building known as Hall C. But it is not just used for indoor activities. Wooden terraces have been erected beside the canal on several levels, some continuing right into the water. They are south-west facing, and are therefore a perfect place to   enjoy the sun, have a picnic, meet up with friends, play and perform.

The canal is part of the Blue Kayak Route and is also designed as a rafting course. A new local cycle path, the Christianshavner Route, will go through the area. In addition, a new promenade and relaxation area are planned, facing Laboratory Ditch.

Behind the playing fields, toward the south-facing part of the canal, lies a small wild wooded area, which is still a secret to many. There are plenty of opportunities for play here. The big, challenging mountain-bike course that threads through the trees is popular among local kids. Along the waterfront is a wide path used by runners and walkers.

The Danish Scouts have a centre at the southernmost tip of Arsenal Island, with a campsite and cabins. Scouts from around the world stay here, combining camping with city life.

Foto : Kontraframe

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