BaNanna Park

BaNanna Park is a success story about a toxic old wasteground that has been transformed into an exciting, attractive, green haven for locals and anybody else who wants to use the many amenities in this urban park. The name comes from the big, yellow, banana-shaped embankment that makes a great skate park – and, of course, from its location on Nannasgade.

As you enter, you are greeted by a 14-metre-high climbing frame, almost like a triumphal arch. The park itself is divided into three areas: ‘the jungle’, ‘the lawn’ and ‘the square’. There are two playing fields, one with blue Astroturf and one with grass, while the big yellow ‘banana’ also serves as seating for spectators. Around the lawn runs a large, oval path for running, biking and roller-skating.

The ‘jungle’ – a cluster of self-seeded deciduous trees, cherry trees and bamboo bushes – is well named, as it really feels like a tropical rainforest. Behind this is a playground for toddlers, with all the kit they could wish for. Just inside the triumphal arch is space to sit and enjoy your packed lunch and a drink or fire up the barbecue, and admire the large gable-end paintings that adorn the surrounding houses.

BaNanna Park is both beautiful and exciting, a spiritual oasis in the middle of densely populated Outer Nørrebro. Not only does it bring a breath of fresh air to the area, but it also helps cool it down during the hot summer months.

BaNanna Park is made by Schønherr after an idea of Nord Architects.

Photo: Scanpix/Thomas Lekfeldt

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