Bellevue Beach Park

Bellevue isn’t just any old beach. The whole beach, park and surrounding area have played a key role in recent Danish cultural history. And the beach itself is still one of the most popular in the Copenhagen area. As soon as the water and sand reach the appropriate temperature, the season’s latest swimsuit fashions are aired at Bellevue.

This has been true ever since the park opened in 1932, when the 700-metre artificial beach was quickly nicknamed ‘the flypaper’ because bathers are often squashed so closely together.

Today, it is not just the Sound’s waves that attract people. The two beach-volleyball courts are particularly popular, and on Stauning’s Lawn, named after the prime minister who inaugurated the park, people shelter from the sun under the trees, spread out blankets for picnics and relax with a book.

At the same time as the beach park was established, the architect Arne Jacobsen built his iconic, functionalistic Bella Vista housing estate and the Bellevue Theatre, also known as ‘the white city’, on the other side of Strandvejen. They are now listed.

In the middle of Stauning’s Lawn sits a small, beautiful thatched house known as the Yellow Cottage. It now houses a restaurant but was once the entrance to a large spa complex.

Arne Jacobsen also made his mark on the beach – he designed the service buildings, which today house shops and showers.

Photo: Søren Rud

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