Urban Bees, Copenhagen City Hall

Green Copenhagen is a paradise for the honey bee, which has become an endangered species due to the widespread use of pesticides. Thanks to the City Bee Association, there are now lots of bees in Copenhagen, with more emerging all the time. This is not only good for flowers and plants in urban gardens, parks and green spaces. It also offers fascinating things to see and do, such as harvesting honey.

More bees mean more juicy apples harvested in allotments, and more strawberries and squash in urban gardens. They support a natural environment that is healthier and more versatile. A honey bee flies a radius of two kilometres from its hive, and there is nowhere in Copenhagen that bees cannot be kept. They can always find an area with flowers to fertilise.

In several places, you can follow the buzzing sound of the bees as they fly in and out of their hives. The City Bee Association organises events for children and adults to learn more about bee life and help to harvest their honey. Anyone – both individuals and companies – can adopt a bee colony and place a hive on their roof, or in the garden or backyard. Bees also help to provide work for formerly homeless, unemployed, mentally vulnerable and other socially disadvantaged people, who look after the bees and extract, and sell the honey.

These urban bees are found on many of the city’s rooftops – including on top of the City Hall – and you can get quite close to them by the Observatory in the Botanical Gardens at Carlsberg and at the City Bee Association’s HQ in Sundholm.

Photo: Søren Rud

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