Urban Oasis

Hens cackling, goats bleating, a parakeet singing in the aviary and trees thronged with wild birds.  That sums up Urban Oasis: it’s full of life. An open activity centre for all, young and old, located in one of the city’s little-known green gems in the ‘Old People’s Town’ retirement community in Nørrebro.

Urban Oasis started as a local environmental initiative. Today, it is a properly staffed, council-funded area where residents and daycare centres have small allotments. Here, residents’ groups and occupants of the retirement community known as the ‘Old People’s Town’ grow vegetables in raised beds.

There are also lots of animals for children and adults to interact with. Pygmy goats live in a special fold in the middle of the large lawn. The rabbits have their own hutch, and the hens have their own chicken run. Elsewhere, there are mice and guinea pigs. All of this is situated on and around a large lawn with mature trees, where you can relax on the grass with a book or an iPad, or eat your picnic at one of the tables on the green.

Because Urban Oasis is part of the ‘Old People’s Town’, there is plenty of opportunity for contact and interaction between the generations. In a large square in the middle of the Town is a big orangery that serves coffee, accompanied by the chatter of canaries, budgies and parakeets in their aviaries.

An outdoor kitchen and a bonfire site are to be found on the big lawn. Urban Oasis, which is open to all, organises events throughout the year.

Photo: Søren Rud

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