Damhus Lake / Damhus Meadow

Damhus Lake and Damhus Meadow offer a view of the sort of wide open space that is otherwise hard to find in a big city.  All sorts of activities entice large numbers of visitors here – and birds are equally fond of the lake and park.

Particularly in the mornings and evenings, the area is popular with runners, who appreciate the beautiful scenery and the peaceful route. It meanders around the lake for 3.4 kilometres, while the meadow adds a further 2.6.

Damhus Meadow is full of football pitches, and also has barbecue areas, nature playgrounds and an area where dogs are allowed off the leash.

But it’s also a beautiful location, a wonderful place for a stroll and a popular subject for photographers. They appreciate motifs like the weeping willows over the shining surface of the lake, the sky’s reflection in the water and the modern tower blocks that overlook this rural idyll.

The lake is relatively clean, with plenty of fish. From time to time, however, the water is polluted by Harrestrup River, which runs through the area.

Damhus Lake is not a natural one. It was created when the river was dammed to ensure a supply of drinking water to the city, even at times when the river was running low or dry. Damhus Meadow was originally part of the lake. It has been drained, but the lowest-lying part remains wet and provides ideal living conditions for a variety of animals and plants.

Photo: Scanpix/Kjeld Olesen

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