Green Walkway

Rocky Nordic landscape. Sun-drenched Mediterranean heat. A mini adventure. Right where you least expect it, a stretch of green arises. Three distinct outdoor spaces, very different from any other park in Copenhagen.

Much maligned Kalvebod Brygge is home to the Green Walkway. High up on second-floor level, it acts as a link between the SEB Bank’s headquarters, the National Archives and the Tivoli Hotel. In time, green roof gardens will connect everything in the area, all the way to Dybbølsbro.

Skaters have long since discovered the entrance to the walkway at SEB Bank. The concrete soars upwards like a Swedish mountain, Nordic trees and herbs flourish – birch, willow and pine, mosses and hardy grasses. On a sunny day, it smells like a Swedish forest. But for the skaters, the main attraction is the many jumps, steps and hills, some of them up to 10 metres high.

The second section of the walkway stretches to the roof of the Danish National Archives. The Archives’ large wall is inscribed with runes, which reflect on the ground, breaking the area up into smaller spaces. The only plants that thrive here are those that like thin, dry soil, especially strawberries, and drought-tolerant grasses and flowers. Small arbours with climbing plants and places to sit make this an ideal setting for anyone who wants to get away from it all, to enjoy a quiet read or packed lunch.

The walkway ends at the Tivoli Hotel, where some of the fabulous elements from the famous amusement park have been given a new lease of life in a small garden and playground, complete with Chinese pagoda. This high vantage point provides scenic views over the water below – seemingly a world away from the heavy traffic nearby.

Photo: Kontraframe

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