Kildevæld Park

Kildevæld Park is a green oasis in the middle of a dense, mixed housing area in Outer Østerbro. At the centre of the park is a big lake, which helps to circulate fresh, cool air on hot summer days.

The hilly terrain, with lawns, trees, willow shrubs and flowerbeds, slopes down to the lakeshore and offers several vantage points. You can settle down and enjoy the sun on the park’s lawns and benches, seek shade under the tall trees, or go jogging, push the pram and enjoy a quiet walk around the path that encircles the lake.

At the western end is a large, staffed and heavily used playground with facilities for kids of all ages – with football pitches, sand pits, climbing frames, swings and table tennis.

You can also borrow balls, bikes, scooters, roller skates, stilts and skipping ropes. During the summer months, the park hosts an annual festival of song, dance, circus and so on.

The park dates from 1927, but the area has been a haven for the people of Copenhagen for even longer. Originally, there was a spring here, which according to tradition had healing powers and was visited by a lot of  people.

The name Kildevæld comes from the country house that stood here in 1743, and the restaurant of the same name that stood at the corner of Østerbrogade and Kildevældsgade.

Photo: Scanpix/Anna Agnete Nissen

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