The Clover Field

The Clover Field is a green haven with such high and wide-open spaces that stepping out onto them for the first time is simply breathtaking. From this, the only vantage point with a clear view of all of Copenhagen’s many classic spires and towers, it’s easy to imagine what the city looked like from a distance a hundred years ago.

The Clover Field has football and cricket pitches, tennis courts and weight-lifting equipment, and offers plenty of opportunities for other recreational activities, including cycling, sunbathing, kite flying, dog walking and golf.

Young children explore nature’s wonders all year round in the nature workshop, and have fun on the playground’s climbing equipment. There are also bonfire areas and a maze fashioned from thuja hedges.

This is part of the demarcation line outside the old city ramparts, designed to provide a clear view of the open landscape and make it difficult for enemies to seek cover. In the early 20th century, this was the site of Copenhagen’s first airfield, from which the first daring flights were made over the city and out over the Sound.

In the years following the Second World War, the largest refugee camp in Danish history was built here, housing 18,000 refugees from Germany.

It was also here, in 1912, that Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin captured Copenhagen’s imagination when he landed his giant airship Hansa, on the first-ever Zeppelin flight outside Germany.

Photo: Kontraframe

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