Krogebjerg Park

Krogebjerg Park serves as a green shortcut from the Western Ramparts in the north to Damhus Meadow in the south. In fact, it’s a river valley, but the river itself had long been neglected. It has now been restored, and its waters cleansed. The area now attracts animals, plants and nature-loving guests.

Krogebjerg Park is rarely visited by people from other parts of Copenhagen. And that’s a shame, because this long, narrow park has many fine features.

It has a lake in the far north and the environment here is relatively wild. Further south, the area is more park-like, stretching up to Jyllingevej in Vanløse, where it merges into Damhus Meadow.

Amidst all the natural beauty, there is a playground with a climbing frame that resembles a mini-Eiffel Tower made of rope. The large swings were designed for Mauerpark in Berlin and appeal to adults as much as children.

However, in a few years the park will look quite different. Harrestrup River, which runs the length of the park and on to Damhus Lake and Kalveboderne at Valby Park, will be returned to its natural course.

Apart from in a few spots, not much about the river is natural. The bed is tiled, and from time to time it is used as an overflow from the sewers.This will be stopped, allowing Krogebjerg Park to become a real river valley again, with varied nature and new things for visitors to see and do.The river will be clean enough for trout to thrive here, and the clear water will attract birds that hunt by sight – muddy water means hungry kingfishers.

As a side benefit, the water in Kalveboderne will be so clean that Valby Park will be able to have its own beach.

Photo: Scanpix/Christian Als

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