Agricultural School’s Garden

Stepping into the Agricultural School’s Garden on a spring or summer day is like entering a fairy tale. Your senses are immediately bombarded with colours, sounds, smells, light and shadow. The garden has over 6,000 different plants, and its thickest tree, the copper beech, has a circumference of five metres. All of the trees and plants have name-tags.

The garden was established in 1858 in the Romantic style of the day, strongly inspired by landscape gardens, and features a variety of garden and park spaces. There are lawns where blooms emerge from the grass, flowerbeds, a forest, a grove, a rockery and numerous open spaces.

This is an enticing place to spend time in spring and summer, sitting on a bench or relaxing on one of the lawns.

At the centre of the garden is a lake with an island, accessible via a small footbridge. The most famous spot is the rose garden, which features hundreds of varieties and is approached through an arbour topped with rambling roses. The rose and spice gardens give off an almost overwhelming array of wonderful scents. And almost everywhere you go in the garden, you hear ducks quacking away on the lake.

At the back of the garden is the Væksthuset Café, set in an old greenhouse. The garden is a haven for sunbathers, readers and amateur botanists. Visitors tend to respect the peace and tranquillity by talking quietly and softly.

Photo: Søren Rud

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