The New Bog

The New Bog is a bit of a secret to nearly everyone – except the residents of Vangede. It is hidden behind Vangede Church, between apartment buildings and residential neighbourhoods. Over the years, Gentofte Council has done much to make this ancient peat bog attractive and accessible. It has a long jogging track, an ultra-modern playground and plenty of natural phenomena to enjoy.

Like the nearby Old Bog and Brobæk Bog, it rests in an Ice Age hollow on the ridge that stretches between Ordrup and Gladsaxe.

The lake itself was created after peat had been excavated from the bog. In the middle of the park is a sports area belonging to the Gentofte-Vangede Sports Association (GVI), which includes football pitches and a café.

Along the banks grow large, broad-leaved burdock, beneath which coots, ducks, geese and small animals shelter. Beech, ash and cherry trees are scattered along the banks and lawns.

Old willow trees that have toppled into the water continue to grow, helping to create variety and life. The islets in the lake have dense woodland at some points. This will gradually be replaced with reeds, for the benefit of the many birds found in the New Bog. Exercise equipment is available.

A new footbridge crosses the lake’s wetlands, and new trees ensure varied plant growth and better conditions for wildlife.  A new forest area with beech and oak is planned for the remote areas behind the sports facility.

The New Bog was originally called Wilde’s Bog. When the first steps were taken towards turning it into a park in 1937, it was renamed the New Bog, as a counterpart to the peaceful, pristine Old Bog, which is about 700 metres away as the crow flies.

Photo: Søren Rud

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