Remise Park

If there were an award for the best place for children in the city, Remise Park on Amager would definitely be a contender for the title. Sandwiched between the high-rise blocks of Urbanplanen, this is a world of its own, with farms and animals, a castle, construction playground, the city’s longest tunnel slide, green areas to get lost in, a hockey pitch and more.

The friendly chaos that welcomes the 80,000 people who visit here every year is quite a contrast to the orderly town planning that surrounds it, in which uniform blocks are positioned with mathematical precision. In Remise Park, what kids can imagine is more important than what they are able to measure.

The park has several parts. The construction playground, known as ‘the Builder’, is, for safety reasons, only open to children aged six and over.

The farm is for everyone. It is a proper working farm, of the kind that has been on this site since the 18th century, with chickens, rabbits, goats, pigs, horses and one cow. Here, children can ride in the carriage or on ponies, pet the animals and help care for them. There is also a small urban garden with raised beds around which you’ll see and hear the bees buzzing.

The final part of the park is a large play area with plenty of playground equipment, a sledging hill, bonfire and barbecue areas, a paddling pool, pitches for ball games, pétanque, and more.

Both the farm and the construction playground are staffed during regular opening hours. The farm is open seven days a week (except public holidays). If the weather is bad, indoor activities are organised for the children.

The activities are free, and you don’t have to sign up in advance – just turn up. But please remember that staff are here to help and initiate activities, not to babysit.

Photo: Scanpix/Lars Bahl

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