The Southern Field

A young runner has worked up a sweat and doesn’t have the strength to glance up at the squirrel scampering in the tree above. The Southern Field, with its hills and ravines, is one of the most challenging running routes in Copenhagen. The new ‘light hare’ provides an even tougher test for runners.

Choose your own pace and keep up with the signals from the ‘hares’ – lights on poles that line the route. Out here there are also plenty of other ways to test your fitness, including balancing on tree stumps and jumping on trampolines.

The light hare is just one way in which new life has been breathed into the once-ageing people’s park. The Life and Light project has given one of the most popular green spaces in Copenhagen a facelift – but this is more than mere modernisation. The project has also recreated some of the park’s best-loved buildings and monuments, which had been lost or neglected.

The Norwegian section has been rejuvenated. This Nordic wilderness, with its little waterfall and narrow bridge over the stream, now serves as a base for Frederiksberg’s nature guides. And there are plenty of natural phenomena to look at in the Southern Field, especially insects. Small areas of wetland are being created and recreated to provide habitats for an even larger number of animal and plant species.

If you take a quiet stroll beneath the big, ancient trees, you will be following in the footsteps of the poet Adam Oehlenschläger. The son of the palace steward at Frederiksberg Palace, he spent much of his childhood here, soaking up inspiration for many of his later poems. One of them is even called ‘Søndermarken’. Now that the original buildings have been brought back to life, visitors are able to share his love of the Hermitage (Eremithytten) and the Chinese Pavilion.

Photo: Scanpix/Mads Nissen

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