Playground, park, bazaar, bike path, picnic area, sports field, rendezvous point, world fair – Superkilen in Nørrebro is all of these things and a park like no other in the world. Most of all, it is a celebration of city life and the many cultures that make up Nørrebro’s population.

Superkilen (literally ‘the giant wedge’) is one of the newest spaces in Copenhagen. In fact, it comprises three spaces, running from Nørrebrogade to Tagensvej. The Red Square by Nørrebrogade is an unusual, brightly coloured park and sports facility with space for basketball and boxing.

Next to it is the Black Market, which is best described as an outdoor living room. There’s plenty of space to hang out, play chess and cards on the tables, gaze up at the Chinese palms, hold a dinner party or just listen to the water rippling in the large fountain. Okay, skateboarding in living rooms might be a tad unusual, but the hills in the market are popular with skaters.

The Green Park is the last stretch towards Tagensvej, and offers more traditional park life. In the midst of all this are a hockey rink and a basketball court.

What is special about Superkilen is that it is filled with tools, benches, swings, wastebaskets and other equipment representing the multitude of places around the globe from which Nørrebro’s population originate, including basketball hoops from Mogadishu, neon signs from China and Russia, adverts from the United States, the central fountain from Morocco, swings from Baghdad, benches from Cuba and a toy octopus from Japan.

Together, they tell the world that the city of Copenhagen has roots in many countries and harnesses this diversity in play, recreation and sports.

Photo: Scanpix/Mikkel Barker

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