South Harbour Tip

The South Harbour Tip, usually just called ‘The Tip’, is little known among tourists and locals alike. Those who do know it, however, are in love with this natural green spot in the southern part of Copenhagen, which is now a protected area and offers the finest views over the water to the bird sanctuary on Kalveboderne.

It is a sanctuary like no other in the city, with a huge wealth of plant and animal species. One of the attractions in winter is the beautiful kingfisher. It is frequently spotted on the canal, which is popularly known as the ‘Shit Channel’ (Lorterenden) because this is where the sewers ran out to the sea in bygone days.

Today, the water is clean, and small houses and sheds line the banks. You might almost think you are on the banks of the Mississippi River in the American South.

Between 1945 and 1973, this was a landfill site for building waste and surplus soil. Gradually, nature took over, creating a green world all on its own. Thanks largely to the efforts of active local enthusiasts, The Tip is now a conservation area, rather than a residential district. It is these residents who care for, nurture and develop the area, too, helping nature express its diversity to the fullest.

The voluntary Sheep Guild puts sheep out to graze here in the spring to keep the vegetation down.

Artists use The Tip for events, and regular guided nature tours introduce visitors to the birds, insects, herbs and other residents of this peculiarly urban natural world. The South Harbour Tip Nature School arranges a variety of activities.

Photo: Søren Rud

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